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Basic Terminology

Abrazo:  The embrace; Dance position

Adelante:  Forward

Adorno:  Adornment; embellishment

Al Costado:  To the side

Atras:  Backward

Codigos: Codes; refers to codes of behavior and techniques

Compas:  Beat; dancing to the beat

Cortina: Curtain; a brief musical interlude between a set of dances usually 3 to 5 songs of the same dance style or orquestra at a milonga (or social dance)

Eje:  Axis or balance

Marcar: to lead; to guide

Media Vuelta:  Half turn

Milonga: May refer to the music written in 2/4 time or the dance which preceeded the tango; or a social gathering or party

Paso: a Step

Patada: A kick

Pausa: Pause; wait; hold a position for two or more beats of music

Piso: Floor

Pista: The dance Floor

Postura: Posture; correct posture in tango is erect and elegant with the shoulders always over the hips and relaxed with weight over the toes

Practica:  An informal practice session for tango dancers

Resolucion: Tango close; 6, 7 and 8 of the 8 count basic.

Ritmo: Rhythm

Ronda:  Line of the dance; moving counterclockwise

Salida: (to exit; to go out)

Tanda: A set of dance music separated by a Cortina.

Tango de Salon:  An elegant and very social style of Tango Characterized by slow, measured, and smooth executed moves.

Tango Fantasia:  This is show tango which may include jumps, tricks, drops gymnastics plus ganchos, sentadas, elevadas, etc.  

Vals:  Argentine waltz; style of music

Volcada:  To tip over or capsize; falling step

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