Our Beginner Tango Program is designed to guide you from your first tango steps to getting you prepped and ready for your first night adventure out on the social dance floor. We’ve created a clear and concise syllabus to provide you with the necessary tools and fundamental techniques needed to navigate this beautiful dance as a confident beginner. 


The beginner program levelsl 1-3 must be completed in order to continue onto the intermediate & advanced level classes. 


Intro to Tango



Tango Structure & Improvisation



Advanced Beginner



Saturday, July 13th

Tango Vibe -- Jerry and Christine Tango in LA

Once you have a completed the Beginner Program, students should have a clear understanding of the following:

For Leaders:

1. How to lead and navigate the Fundamental Elements 
2. Know how to ask someone to dance
3. Follow the line of dance and stay in your lane
4. Walk smoothly
5. Keep your own balance
6. Keep the rhythm
7. Be aware of where you and others are on the floor
8. Know how to walk, turn, stop and pause.
9. Know how to interrupt a step to keep from hitting another couple
10. Know how to put basic fundamental elements together to make a dance and improvise them comfortably



For Followers:

1. How to follow the Fundamental Elements 

2. Know how to accept or decline a dance

3. Wait for the lead

4. Walk smoothly and walk to the cross well

5. Keep your own balance

6. Keep the rhythm

7. Be aware of others on the floor

8. Know how to walk, turn, stop and execute a few embellishments

Once you have become familiar with all the above elements on this lists, you are ready for Level 4 Intermediate. As an intermediate dancer you will work on how to dance and improvise while navigating comfortably throughout the floor. You will improve your posture and balance, how to interpret the music on a more sophisticated level, and how to combine many basic elements to form new dance steps or perhaps create your own.