Offering private lessons:

As much as we are advocates for group instruction, investing in private instruction is one of the most rewarding investments you can make in your journey to becoming a great social dancer or just simply taking your dancing to the next level. We are firm believers that in order to truly excel and advance the learning process, students should consider private instruction.

For those of you who are interested in speeding up the learning process and would like more personalized, detailed and undivided attention, this might be the "thing" for you.

Lessons are customized to specific needs and desires of the individual student whether taking the lesson individually or with a partner.

Material and Concepts to address:

  • Improving your technique for the social dance floor

  • Close & Open Embrace technique with challenging combinations

  • Aesthetic 

  • Developing stronger and more confident improvisational skills (Leading & Following)

  • Foot work and Embellishments for men and woman

  • More personalized attention to specific questions or concerns

  • Choreography for those interested in challenging themselves and much, much more...

To schedule a private lesson or for more information regarding rates and availability, please contact us at:

Jerry and/or Christine



  • Each private lesson is 55 minutes (50min on the dance floor and 5 minutes for final notes.

  • Packages should be taken within 12 weeks of purchase before expiring.

  • Lessons are non-transferable.

  • Special offers can be purchased in addition to but NOT combined with other packages or outstanding lessons.

  • A 24 hr cancellation notice is required and appreciated before your scheduled lesson in order to avoid charge.


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