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Class Etiquette and Rules

  • Tango is one of the most beautiful and complex dances in the world and to do it well requires desire, focus, discipline and most importantly a good attitude.

  • Be ready to work on your own if there is a shortage of either leaders or followers. Although we are learning a partner dance, it takes a lot of individual work to be a good partner. Be patient, maintain a good attitude and work on class material while waiting for the next available partner during partnered exercises.

  • A class room is a serious learning environment but don’t take things too seriously, we are also there to enjoy the process and have a good time.

  • PUNCTUALITY: Please make an effort to show up to class on time. It is excusable once in a while to be a few minutes late but consistent tardiness is disruptive.

  • CONSISTENCY:  No one learns to dance well by coming to class sporadically. We will do our best to teach you if you do your part, but we are teachers not magicians.

  • BEHAVIOR: Have an open mind and a good attitude.  Please maintain a neutral and open to learning body language. Avoid crossing your arms while standing around; it implies a closed mind, closed body and boredom. Do Not challenge your teachers with negative attitudes or disrespectfully toned questions. Unless you are able to dance at your teacher’s level of expertise, it is considered rude to question what they prescribe for your learning.

  • GOOD ATTITUDE:  If the teacher corrects you, accept the corrections and say “Thank You”, do not give excuses or reasons why. Humility and silence allow you to process information.

  • HYGIENE: Personal hygiene is a MUST, as Tango is a dance that can be quite intimate often requiring close proximity.

  • Wear clean clothes.

  • Shower and please use deodorant.

  • Brush teeth and/or use mouth wash; bring mints or gum (chew discretely).

  • Abstain from foods that produce heavy odors, like those heavy in garlic.

  • Do a scent check before class.

  • Do not wear sneakers or other shoes with rubber or spongy soles. They can stick to the floor during turns and spins and cause ankle and knee injuries. 

  • Do not manhandle, drag, squeeze, or heavily breathe on your partner.

  • Do not teach or blame one another in class. Work things out together and respectfully.

  • Be sensitive, patient and helpful w/ “Beginners” or anyone else.

  • If you have a question or cannot work out a step w/ your partner, ask the teachers, that is what they are there for.

  • Please refrain from using your cell phone during class and keep it on silent mode. If you are on call or are expecting and urgent call, please inform your teacher before class begins.

  • Filming a demo with your camera/phone is only permissible at the END of class and at the discretion of the teacher.

  • Please refrain from sitting down during class unless you have a medical condition or are experiencing pain or discomfort (not because feet are tired).

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