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Los Angeles 

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Next Milonga:  Friday, May 31st, 2024

DJ Santa Olivia

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For payment or more information visit us:

TIME: 9:00AM - 2:00AM

DRESS CODE: Look your best like a bombón! 

FEE: $25

Payment Method:

Venmo: @jerryp10 




*No Reservations
*Beautiful real wood spacious dance floor
*Great DJs
*Light snacks and refreshments
*Fun and friendly environment
*Ladies! Come ready to shoe shop! We will have Yuli B shoes in the house with a gorgeous selection for you to try


Some friendly GUIDLINES:

  1. We strongly encourage you to bring your own refreshments/water (in your own recognizable bottle)

  2. No stalking, groping or disrespecting the boundaries of the embrace unless absolute mutual consent is involved 

  3. NO aerials, no deep lunges; some dips but no drops! Safety first!

  4. Please WASH YOUR HANDS after using the restroom and smell delicious! Proper hygiene is essential! 

  5.  NO teaching or correcting others. 

  6.  Don't forget to bring payment.

  7.  Be respectful to everyone and especially your partner. 

  8.  Cabeceo would be greatly appreciated. 

  9. Be respectful to other parties at your table.

  10. LINE OF DANCE POR FAVOR!!  (Outside lane, inner lane, center)

  11.  Absolutely NO TALCUM/BABY POWDER in the ballroom including corners of the floor or room.

  12. NO soliciting unless approached.

  13. NEW upholstered benches with storage(open & close) to place your belongings along the DJ wall.

  14. PLEASE Clean up after yourself if possible (Locate your nearest trash can)

  15. Dance! Dance! Dance 

Jerry & Christine
For questions and concerns:



Soho Dance LA

1618 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025


Please NO teaching/soliciting, lifts, drops and aerials :) Safety first!




1. Uber/Lyft is a great option and at many times less expensive than valet.

2. Soho Dance offers parking in their 20-space subterranean garage for $5 flat fee. The garage entrance is on the right-hand side of the studio gates, so slow down when you drive down Cotner, approaching us.The entrance is a single-lane, multi-use entrance, so use caution when entering/exiting. Entering traffic has the right-of way, but pedestrians always take precedent. So drive slowly and be alert!

3.The spaces to the right of the studio (in front of Western Electric Supply) are free to use in the evenings, anytime after 5pm. 

4. Street parking is the option most people take when they come to the studio. Offering 300 unregulated spaces after 6:00pm, walking distance of the studio.


Jerry & Christine

For questions and concerns:


Tango Vibe: Milonga Bombon
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